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When gal328 launched in 2001, the homepage read:

Our Purpose 

The purpose of this site is to promote gender justice in the Church of Christ by…

  1. facilitating communication and mutual support and edification among Churches of Christ that practice or strive toward gender justice.
  2. offering resources for those seeking insight into the scriptural, theological, and experiential warrants for gender justice in the church.

A Definition of Gender Justice 

In general, gender justice means recognizing that men and women are created by God, redeemed by Christ, and gifted by the Spirit truly without distinction or partiality. In Christian community, gender justice means encouraging both men and women to exercise their Spirit-given gifts in the church’s work, worship, and leadership, and celebrating the truth that the Spirit grants such gifts without respect to gender. Concretely, gender justice in the Church of Christ includes opening traditionally masculine leadership roles and activities (deacon, elder, minister, worship leader, preacher, teacher, etc.) to women, and encouraging men to discover and cultivate their gifts for activities traditionally performed by women.

An abbreviated version remains on the homepage, and this remains the defining statement of what gal328.org is about.

The choice to use language of gender justice, rather than gender equality or inclusiveness, is a deliberate one. The definition of gender justice above, in contrast to the typical framing of the gender issue in Churches of Christ as “women’s roles in the church,” clarifies that the issue of gender in our churches is not primarily about what women may or may not do in church, but about who women are. Quite simply, who women are in the eyes of the church ought to reflect who women are in the sight of God.

Welcome to gal328.org.

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