Voices of Experience: Sons and Daughters

Paul Mathis is a graduate student at Abilene Christian University working on a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. This was originally posted on July 28, 2013 at Paul’s blog, a … read more


Book Review: Dating Jesus, by Susan Campbell

Jeanine Thweatt-Bates holds a PhD in Theology and Science from Princeton Theological Seminary, and is author of Cyborg Selves: A Theological Anthropology of the Posthuman. This review was first presented at the Christian Scholars Conference in June 2010.   Dating Jesus: … read more


…and more good news!

“As a result of our ongoing study of scripture, we discern God’s call on the Culver Palms church to fully use the gifts of men and women to share God’s word through preaching in order to build up the body … read more

from the room

Continuing reflections on the “Fierce Urgency of Now” session at the Christian Scholars Conference If you haven’t read Jeff Baker’s preliminary remarks, take a moment and do so, as this introduction framed the session and sets the stage for these … read more

What’s New: a report from CSC 2013

The Christian Scholars Conference–now the Thomas H. Olbricht Christian Scholars Conference, in honor of its founder and visionary of many years–has in recent years been a locus of cutting edge discussion in Churches of Christ theological issues as well as … read more

What’s New: a post from Heavenly Hats

…So I spoke. And I prayed. Clumsily, most definitely, but with excitement. I have always loved writing and talking and here was an outlet to do what I loved, about a subject I loved, in front of people I loved. … read more