if the church were a basketball court

There’s a wonderful promotional video out for the Harding University Lady Bisons Basketball season. I love the way these athletes are celebrated for the skill, their physical strength, their determination and their team spirit. I love the way that they flex their muscles and glare at the camera and celebrate their victories. I love the way that they are supported by their school and the way they support each other.

I can’t wait for my girls to step out onto the court or the field or the diamond with that kind of confidence in their own skill and strength. And I want them to carry that confidence everywhere else they go. Because it doesn’t just belong on the court.

And that’s an easy sentiment to agree with, until I ask, can’t we celebrate this same strength and competence and skill and desire and effort in the church, too?

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What’s New: Imaging Gender in Churches of Christ (a contest)

It’s summer. It’s time for kicking back, taking it a little easy, having some fun with the kids.

Justice work can be exhausting. It can be depressing. Sometimes victories are few and far between and it can seem like there’s always more to grieve over than celebrate.

So, sometimes, we need to have a little fun with things! Therefore…

Announcing! “Imaging: Gender in Churches of Christ,” our first-ever, highly experimental image contest! Draw, photograph, paint, use ToonDoo if you have no skills, whatever!

Here are the rules:

1) stay on topic: your image should illustrate some aspect of “experiencing gender in Churches of Christ”
2) your image must be your own
3) you may incorporate text, but please, keep it clean!
4) submit by posting on Facebook page , Facebook msg, email or twitter (submissions can be kept anonymous if desired)
5) images will be posted on the gal328 Facebook page
6) votes=likes
7) submit by end of summer; multiple submissions welcome

Winner will receive awesome amounts of personal affirmation!