General Articles
Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath”by Paul Casner
Men, Women and Biblical Equality” by scholars of Christians for Biblical Equality
9.5 Theses” by Don Haymes
In Our Lifetime?” by Katie Hays
“Who Do You Say That I Am?” by Katie Hays
“Four Questions” by Bill Love
“FRO (Frequently Raised Objections)” by Lance Pape
“Elijah’s Twelfth” by Dale Pauls
Seven Questions” by Dale Pauls
Studies on Individual Texts
“Man and Woman in Genesis 1-3” by Lance Pape
“Martha’s Choice: A Pastorally Sensitive Reading of Luke 10:38-42” by Christopher R. Hutson
“The First Female Gospel Preacher: A Fresh Perspective on John 4” by Lance Pape
“The Hardest Questions Never Go Away: Reading Acts 15 in a New Context” by Robert Montgomery
“Laborers in the Lord: Romans 16 and the Women in Pauline Churches” by Christopher R. Hutson