it’s a new day, it’s a new life, and I’m feeling good…

Welcome, everybody.

As we work out the remaining glitches in transferring the old site’s content, please let us know what problems you encounter and we’ll put it on our fix-it list! Right now, as some of you have noticed and reported, the article links are broken (and I assume this carries over to the other pages under the Resources tab as well). Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

In fact, the bulk of is now organized under the Resources tab: the articles and essays by Lance Pape, Katie Hays, D’Esta Love, Mary Lou Hutson, Dale Pauls and many others; the congregational statements and studies on gender from Manhattan Church of Christ, Stamford Church of Christ, and others; the amazing and extensive annotated bibliography of study resources amassed by Christopher Hutson and others. Also under Resources you will find a map of gender inclusive Churches of Christ, based on data compiled by Lynette Sharp Penya and Stephen Johnson of Abilene Christian University, and a page listing links to other organizations such as One Voice For Change.

As we move forward together, sisters and brothers, let’s give thanks to those who started this good work. There are so many people who have gone before us, seeking to make the way straight, and it’s not been easy. Let’s honor them and their work by taking it up in our turn.

The time is now.