What you do makes a difference! Here are some ideas for action:


Use your voice! 

  • Every one of us has an incredible “reach” via social media. Like our Facebook page, share interesting links and updates from us on your own Facebook page, follow us on twitter, change your profile pics to 1voice4change‘s logo, share your own thoughts. Every statement you make or share has a potential audience of hundreds!
  • Add your written narrative to the essays and poems in our “Voices of Experience” series. Or record a podcast, or make a video.
  • Talk to people around you, host Bible studies and discussions, meet with your elders. Invite the people in your life and church into a conversation with you about women in the church, without yielding to the habit of debate and argument.


Use your actions!


Teach the children in your life that they are created, loved, and called by God–without gender distinctions.

  • Are you a Sunday school teacher? Consider the ways Bible stories demonstrate that God is truly “no respecter of persons,” including gender.
  • Be a role model: teach by your actions. Model language and attitudes of gender equality and justice.
  • Teach media literacy: make kids aware of the damaging messages about gender limitations and sexuality dominant in US culture.
  • Teach the young women in your life that their worth is not dependent on being valued by men or on physical appearance; they are made in the image of God.
  • Teach the young men in your life that women are more than objects of desire–they are made in the image of God.


(Got an idea for action, or a success story to share? Contact us!)