On the menu bar you will see a new tab, labeled “Memorial.” When you click on it, it will take you to a new page. This page is an interactive wiki, and it is open for anyone to edit.

That may be a risky move, I know.

The idea behind it is simply this: women called to ministry in ways that question what we’ve been accustomed to call traditional “women’s roles in the church” have to face a choice–do we ignore the claim of God on our lives, or do we follow it…even if it takes us right out of the church we love and long to serve? Or to put it another way, do we serve God, or men?

Many women have, courageously, followed the example of countless biblical heroes and followed the call of God out of the familiar and into the unknown. They leave. Because they have to. Because the Churches of Christ give them no way to stay, even if they really want to.

And worse, when they leave, no one mourns their absence. No one mourns the loss of their voices, their gifts, their wisdom, their leadership, their presence. How can we miss voices that were never allowed to speak? How can we miss gifts that were forbidden use? How can we miss leadership that was never allowed expression?

This problem, of absence being unremarked because there was always an absence-in-presence to begin with, is what this wiki project is about. It is time to name our losses. It is time to grieve them. It is time to repent of the sin that caused them.

If you are a woman who has left the Churches of Christ because there was no place for you, please add your name to the Memorial. If you know of someone who has left to follow her call elsewhere, please add her name (with permission) to the wiki.

It is time we honored these women.