For those of you who couldn’t make it, or who, like me, were there all too briefly and missed some of the wonderful offerings at ACU Summit this year, I have compiled a list of sessions by men and women addressing the topic of gender justice in our churches. There were also several classes taught by women on various topics within their expertise (homiletics, spiritual disciplines, child psychology, ethics and racial justice, etc.) and this is, if anything, more exciting! (And, if there are sessions that I somehow missed in this list that I should add, please let me know!)

Recordings of sessions will be available to order here.


“Gender and Grace in the Body of Christ,” Sara Barton & Gary Selby (3 parts)

“How to Preach to Women,” Amy Bost Henegar (3 parts)

“Welcoming Jesus: Moving Children from the Margins and Into the Midst,” Dana Pemberton

“Voices in the Margins: Edges Defined by Race,” Tanya Smith Brice (2 parts)

“Luke According to the Professor and the Preacher,” Josh Graves & Lauren Smelser White (3 parts)

“Women Still on the Margins,” Stanley Helton

“Who is in Charge Here Anyway?: A Personal Journey,” Steve Sandifer (2 parts)

“A History of Women in Ministry in Churches of Christ: Women Exhorters, Deacons and Missionaries,” Lynn Mitchell (2 parts)

“Does ‘All Flesh’ Mean Me?” D’Esta Love (2 parts)

“Pushing Jesus Off a Cliff: The Church’s Response to Women,” Curt Niccum (part 3 of 3)

“Charis Project Presents: Race, War and Gender,” Doug Foster (2 parts)

“Going Out (of Bounds): Dating Violence in American Culture,” Chelsie Sargent

“Dislocated Exegesis: How Where You Read the Bible Influences How You Read It,” Kasey McCollum